Samuel T Darling – Pioneer and Malariologist

Sam Darling, founder of NO MO Foundation and inventor of NO MO repellent is the grandson of Dr. Samuel Taylor Darling (1872 -1925). Sam grew up with a deep awareness of his grandfather’s legacy. During the early twentieth century, Dr. Darling was one of the world’s…

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Supporting Women Distributors of NO MO Repellent Our intention is to involve women as Independent Social Marketers of NO MO repellent in order to provide them with the opportunity to generate income and gain entrepreneurial skills. Why? Because if you…

EPA-Required Field Efficacy Test in Two Environments

The objective of the test was to determine the Complete Protection Time of NO MAS repellent (NO MO), when applied at a typical consumer dose, against wild populations of mosquitos in two different habitats.

Estimating a Repellent’s Potential to Reduce Malaria in Communities

In order to estimate the epidemiological efficacy of mosquito repellents in communities, a static probability model is presented to simulate malaria infection during a single transmission season.

Repellent Test of NO MAS (NO MO) against Lutzomyia longipalpis, a vector for leishmaniasis

For 8 hours with no bites, NO MO was tested in a laboratory against a population of Colombian phlebotomine sand flies (Lutzomyia longpalpis).

A Community-Wide Study of Malaria Reduction in Ghana

NO MAS (NO MO) mosquito repellent was evaluated in two farming villages (4 km apart) in the Kassena Nankana district of northern Ghana. We determined its efficacy against local malaria vectors, degree of user acceptance, and its effect on malaria prevalence in households using insecticide-treated bed nets.

Repellent Test: Aedes aegypti, a vector for dengue, yellow fever and Zika

For 9 hours, a sample of NO MAS (NO MO), was cage-tested against a colony of 200 female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that were pre-selected for avidity. With a minimum standard of >25 landings in 10 seconds on an untreated control arm, the test was conducted with a biting pressure that was orders of magnitude greater than in nature, and there were no bite

Ghana: Test of NO MAS (NO MO) against simulium damnosum

In a field trial conducted by parasitologists with the University of Ghana, the efficacy of NO MAS (NO MO) was compared with DEET-based repellents against the notorious black fly (simulium damnosum), a vector for river blindness (onchocerciasis).

For more information on mosquito-borne vectors please visit the World Health Organization. 

Monitoring the Impact of NO MO repellent

We value research on the repellent’s efficacy at disease reduction, and we encourage field trials to monitor that. If you are interested in organizing a research study on NO MO’s effect against an important vector, please contact
Sam Darling
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