The NO MO Foundation, a California nonprofit corporation, has tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)3 of the US Internal Revenue Service Code.

Your donations are vital to our success in distributing the repellent below cost to the people who need it most: poor communities in rural Africa. Whether you give once or want to support our efforts on an ongoing basis, we appreciate your support.

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Your donations support:

(1) the distribution of NO MO below cost to countries in Africa that are threatened by insect-borne disease; and

(2) continued research into how mass distribution of a high efficacy repellent can reduce the burden of disease in poor communities.

Donate with Trust

We are committed to managing all contributions to NO MO Foundation with the highest level of financial integrity and keeping you informed about how your resources are used.

More Giving Options

Major Giving  

The NO MO Foundation provides two ways to align your resources with your values through a large investment in this public health initiative. Ensure the not-for-profit distribution of NO MO is realized through a one-time major gift, or join us as a sustaining member in our Health Giver Circle.

Support a future that’s free from the disabling diseases transmitted by mosquitos and other insects. Commit to the long-term goal of our work by becoming a member of our Health Giver Circle.  You can do this by choosing to invest $5,000 or more per year for three years with the NO MO Foundation.

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Corporate Giving

Becoming a corporate partner of No Mo Foundation is a powerful way to:

  •  Demonstrate your company’s values and commitment to fostering healthy communities
  •  Leverage new channels for marketing and engagement
  •  Reach new audiences and strengthen your positioning and relationship with your existing audience
  •  Set an example for peers in your industry
  •  Create a brighter future for generations to come

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