Heidi Darling

Heidi Darling

Director, NOMO Foundation

Heidi Darling is a CMO for high-growth, mission-driven companies with twenty-five years of experience in scaling organizations with a focus on marketing, sales, and developing new markets in the medical device and emerging technology sectors.

Larry Jacobs

Larry Jacobs

Co-founder of Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo and Board Member of NOMO Foundation

Larry Jacobs is the co-founder of Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo. Del Cabo’s farmers earn living wages, and get retirement benefits and health insurance for life. Del Cabo imports 19 million pounds of vegetables into U.S. markets, and as far away as Iceland and Dubai.

Dr. Anthony Kiszewski

Dr. Anthony Kiszewski

Entomologist and Board Member of NOMO Foundation

Anthony Kiszewski is an assistant professor in Public Health Entomology at Bentley University with a Doctor of Science degree from Harvard University’s School of Public Health. Tony is NOMO’s principal head of research and specializes in vector-borne diseases and parasitology.

Joseph Addo-Yobo

Joseph Addo-Yobo

Managing Director, Africa

Joseph Addo-Yobo leads the registration, marketing, and distribution of NOMO repellent in Africa. He is a pharmacist and global health professional in Ghana with deep experience in leading USAID-funded projects and managing NetMark ITN programs.

Founder Story

Sam Darling was named for his grandfather, Dr. Samuel T. Darling, whose groundbreaking malaria research in Panama was pivotal in understanding and preventing this vector-borne disease. The efforts of the NOMO Foundation to reduce mosquito-borne disease in Africa are inspired by Dr. Darling’s work on behalf of those who suffer most from mosquito borne disease: the poor. Agriculturalist and developer of NOMO, Sam had 40+ years of experience growing the repellents key ingredient, lemongrass, in third world environments. Sam dedicated his life to reducing suffering in poverty stricken areas, he spent the last 20 years devoted to NOMO. In an unexpected and tragic turn of events, Sam was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer this year and died before he could realize his vision. We are passionately committed to carrying on his his mission to radically reduce mosquito-borne disease in poor communities.

Since 2004, substantial donations of time,
money or materials have been generously provided
by the following contributors.

Science Contributors

Dr Don Barnard (Entomology, CMAVE, USDA-ARS Gainesville)

Dr Scott Carroll (Entomology, UC Davis)

Dr Gregor Devine (Entomology, Rothamsted)

Dr Keith Kennedy (Former Director of Global Repellent Research/ SC Johnson)

Dr Anthony Kiszewski (Public Health Entomology, Bentley University)

Dr Greg Lanzaro (School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis)

Dr Amy Morrison (Entomology, UC Davis)

Dr Richard Pollack (Laboratory of Entomology, Harvard School of Public Health)

Manufacturers, patent specialists and attorneys

Dr Sean Traynor (Terpene Chemistry / President of Takasago USA)

Dr Carter Green (Director Science and Technology / Takasago USA)

Jeff Arway (VP Aroma Chemicals / Takasago USA)

Jason Chumney (Counsel /McCarter and English/ New York)

Cynthia A. Lewis (Regulatory Attorney / Beveridge and Diamond / Washington DC)

Sandra Lee (Partner / Baker Botts LLP / New York)