Supporting Women Distributors of NO MO Repellent

Our intention is to involve women as Independent Social Marketers of NO MO repellent in order to provide them with the opportunity to generate income and gain entrepreneurial skills. Why? Because if you provide a woman with information, training and a microloan she can lift up her entire family and contribute to the success of her whole community. The ripple effect is tremendous.

We are currently partnering with HealthKeepers Network (HKN) in Ghana.  HKN is a social microfranchise program which is modeled after the door-to-door sales approach similar to that of Avon.

Rural women are trained to provide basic health education of a variety of topics to their communities and make a modest income by selling health products that address common but deadly health problems. Going door-to-door carrying a basket on their heads the Health Keepers reach underserved and rural communities across Ghana. The products sold are a mix of high impact, reasonably priced health products, such as water purification tablets, condoms, oral rehydration salts, vitamin A, mosquito nets, antimalarial drugs, as well as personal care products. We are happy to report that NO MO repellent is now considered a popular item in their basket of health essentials.

Once we expand our reach to other countries, we hope to collaborate with organizations like Living Goods who operate social franchising models in Uganda and Kenya. In those countries where that model is not established yet, we will create our own network of trained social marketers.